— Paolo Mele

So happy to announce that on November 15 I will be at the MADRE museum in Naples for the first official presentation of Out on your own, video animation by Valerio Berruti with an original soundtrack by the american songwriter Joan as Police Woman and curated by me.

The official presentation will take place at the MADRE museum at 6 pm, introduced by a talk with the the participation of: Valerio Berruti, artist and author of the work, Maria Savarese, curator of the exhibition of Valerio Berruti at Al Blu di Prussia gallery,  Paolo Mele, curator of the video animation, Andrea Viliani, director of MADRE.

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On November 11 I will be in Beno, where I’ve been invited as president of Ramdom and Lastation to talk about our experience in the field of residencies project.

Inhabiting Art.  International meeting Artistic residencies

Promoted by Cultural District Valle Camonica, AIR – artinresidence and FARE

curated by Alessandra Pioselli e Giorgio Azzoni

Coordinated by Beatrice Oleari and Barbara Oteri

11 November 2017, 10 am, BRENO (BS, Valle Camonica), Palazzo della Cultura

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I’ve been invited, from the staff of the festival “Conversazioni sul futuro,” to introduce Cromorama, the new book of Riccardo Falcinelli, one of the most renowned italian designer.

The talk will take place on Saturday Oct 28, 8.30 pm,  @Ergot, Lecce

In this book Falcinelli, with the help of 400 illustrations, explains how the modern gaze is changing, through the universe of images: not just painting, but also literature, cinema, comics and most of all things of the everyday life, all shown and connected in an original way by the author.

Riccardo Falcinelli (Roma 1973), graphic designer and design scholar, design books and series for the most important Italian publishers, as Einaudi, minimum fax, Laterza, Carocci. He wrote Guardare, pensare, progettare (2011) on the relation between neurosciences and design; Fare i libri (2011), ten years of book design for minimum fax. Together with Marta Poggi, we wrote and illustrated the graphic novel Cardiaferrania, L’allegra fattoria (minimum fax) and Grafogrifo (Einaudi). He teaches psychology of perception at ISIA, Rome.

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I’m curating a new residency projet promoted by Ramdom with the support of SIAE – Bando S’Illumina.

4 artists under 35 in residence for 6 months into the Extreme Land!

Keep posted on sinoallafinedelmare.ramdom.net

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I’ve been involved in a new project: Lands End Contemporary Art Festival.

It takes place in Gagliano del Capo (LE), in southern eastern point of Italy. Exhibition, Public Art installation, talk, performances.


Contemporary Art Festival

Gagliano del Capo

29 July – 27 August 2017

organized by Capo d’Arte, Ramdom, NOON

corso Umberto I, piazza San Rocco, via XXIV Maggio, piazzale Stazione, Ciolo.

Exhibitions, talk, residence: a spontaneous festival organized by Capo d’Arte and Ramdom, which will take place in different spots of Gagliano del Capo, in Salento. Civil organizations will present ideas, projects, visions and prospects.

Capo d’Arte, in collaboration with L’Accademia di Francia in Rome – Villa Medici, present the works by Simon Rouby and Eva Jospin conceived during a residence in Gagliano. Ramdom presents in Lastation the artworks of Matthew Wilson, Andrew Friend, Brett Swenson, Oliver Palmer and Giorgio Garippa, in an exhibition curated by Francesca Girelli and Heba Amin. Palazzo Comi hosts Regola, solo show by Daniele D’Acquisto, curated by Lorenzo Madaro, after a project with NOON and in collaboration with Via Vai, are all together in a talk with Matteo Fato. In the galleries of Palazzo Daniele, Misurare il tempo, exhibition of Giancarlo Pediconi and Simon d’Exéa curated by Duccio Trombadori, organised by Christine Ferry. Nearby Lastation, Antonio De Luca, after a project of Ramdom, will propose two public art installations

All of the initiatives will be freely accessible.


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On Saturday 13 May, 5 pm, I will be in Rennes talking about Regeneration, Site Specific and the role of Art and Creativity in the new life of spaces and communities.

If you are in Rennes, please join us at L’Hotel Pasteur!

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The Italian art magazine Artribune dedicated us a special focus on the edition of May!


Artribune Magazine #37



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I’m glad to announce this upcoming project.


April 30th 2017

Solo show by Carlos Casas, curated by Paolo Mele.

A project by Arthub Asia

The artist today is a researcher: he collects any kind of data (video, audio, text, objects, etc.) and, through his works; he offers a personal interpretation of the reality. The method used to collect and remediate those kinds of materials represents the architecture of the new artistic practice.

Fieldworks are the architecture of the work of Carlos Casas: a series of free, anti-narrative notes in which the artist takes the time to plunge his gaze into the meaning of the place, of the landscape, without drawing on the need for the definition of a complete story.

Renewed mostly as video artist and filmmaker, Carlos Casas’ world reveals us a deep an intimate analysis of the contemporary world, the physical and fictional border that divides or merges imaginary and perception.

He has been investigated the landscape and what there is beyond it since the beginning of his artistic research. Casas is obsessed by extreme locations, extreme lands and its extreme inhabitants, because he believe therein lies a truth, a geological scar that shows us how we lived and who we were, thus allowing us to understand who we are now.

This is an exhibition about nature, landscape, border and extreme and how the humans approach and deal with those. It includes video, photos, audio, and drawings from different places around the world: Patagonia (South America), Cape of Leuca (Europe), Nepal, Siberia and Tajikistan (Asia).

At the same time, the exhibition is not only about topics, but also about a methodology. Casas is mostly know as visual artist and filmmaker, but his practice is much more deep and analytic. He makes videos, audios, drawings, photos and he collects objects. He uses the fieldworks as instrument of cataloguing the known and the unknown and to represent an intimate vision of the world, a personal encyclopaedia.

The exhibition reflects this multidisciplinary attitude of the artist, who, like a modern researcher, plays with different kind of media and tools to study and offer a representation of the world.

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Thursday April 20th, I’ll close the work of the conference “Last cultures” promoted by Associazione Sherazade in collaboration with the University of Salento.

The 2 days conference will take place in Santa Maria di Leuca and it will ends at Lastation.

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Hey friends,

I’m happy to share with you a couple of nice articles recently published on 2 of te most important art website in Italy. Unfortunately both are in Italia, so you need a translator 🙂

The first one is an interview to me and my friend Luca Coclite by Lorenzo Madaro and published on Artribune http://www.artribune.com/arti-visive/arte-contemporanea/2017/02/intervista-ramdom-luca-coclite-paolo-mele/

The second one is written by Serena Carbone for Exibart. Here the link http://www.exibart.com/notizia.asp?IDNotizia=52603&IDCategoria=244

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