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month2monthI’ve been selected to be part of  Month2month, a public art project in private residences organized by artists William Powhida and Jennifer Dalton and produced by More Art.

During the first weekend of May I will be their guest.

MONTH2MONTH explores New York’s labyrinthine housing policies, that range from the inclusion of “affordable” housing units within new luxury developments and the rezoning plans that quickly transform neighborhoods to the quasi-legality of the “sharing economy” and the rise of “illegal hotels.” This exploration will at times take the form of information sharing, but also use unorthodox methods to push discussions into unfamiliar places.

I’ll try to give my contribution to the project. I’ll host a social dinner on Sunday 8th May. If you are interested, please contact me in private.

Here more info about the project:

Book your place for the housewarming!

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extreme_land_movieWednesday, April 20, 2016
6:30pm (open and free to the public)
Residency Unlimited
360 Court Street (enter through the big green doors)
Brooklyn, NY 1123

The evening begins with a screening of “Extreme Land,” produced by Ramdom and edited by Luca Coclite. RU curator in residence Paolo Mele (director of Ramdom) and Brett Swenson (artist) engage on the topic of contemporary art production outside large capitalistic cities. How are artistic projects sustainable in remote areas? What is the role of local communities in the artistic process? How are projects of this nature considered from the perspective of cultural production poles? What can be learned from these experiences?
This discussion investigates the concept of site-specific art and the fragile relation between art production and urban spaces. The point of departure is Mele’s artistic and research project “Investigation on the extreme land,” led by Ramdom in the outermost limits of location specificity onFinis Terrae of Italy. This project focuses on life, culture and social relations in the extreme lands, where geographical dislocation is deeply embedded in the socio-anthropological fabric of its inhabitants. Sea, cost, cliff, shore are here investigated from different perspectives: the journey, the drift, the landing, the isolation, the end.

Brett Swenson is a Brooklyn-based multimedia artist who’s work explores the mutability of perception and the unseen, hyper-realities embedded within material time and space. Through sculptural processes and choreographed action, improbable phenomena juxtapose human constructs within the natural.
Brett was born in Chicago, IL. He received his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2010. He has been awarded fellowships and residencies from the Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center of New Jersey, Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation in New York, and Ramdom Association’s “DEFAULT” workshop series stationed in Gagliano Del Capo, Italy. In 2016 he was awarded a year long studio grant from Urban Glass and will be in residence this fall at Residency Unlimited on a grant awarded by the NEA Art Works. He has exhibited internationally, most recently with  the group show “Perched in the Eye of a Tornado” at Ying Space in Beijing.

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AVALANCHE_CASAS_livecinema AVALANCHE_CASAS_livecinema2 AVALANCHE_CASAS_livecinema3Saturday, March 12, 8pm
Avalanche: Carlos Casas, Phil Niblock and Robert Poss
Video screening and live sound

Curated by Paolo Mele


Avalanche is an immersive site specific film installation, the installation allows visitors’ movement through the space and pro­vides them with the intimacy for a contemplative vision.

Avalanche transports the public to Hichigh, one of the world’s highest inhabited villages, located in the Pamir mountain range (Tajikistan), known as the roof of the world, and one of the world`s most unknown and unexplored regions; the Pamirs are as mysterious as fascinating, home of some of the most archaic and well kept millenary traditions. The film follows the dusk of a village bound to disappear, just before it becomes a ghost village, just before its stones and mud houses are swept by the mountain again.
Avalanche is an audiovisual meditation about a village and its traditions on its journey to oblivion. Avalanche is also about the archaic, the enduring spiritual relation between landscape and man, and the overlaying of traditions and rituals within the periphery of our modern world.

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On February 29 I’ll start my residency program at Residence Unlimited, in Brooklyn, New York.

Residency Unlimited (RU) supports the creation, presentation and church-768x1024dissemination of contemporary art through its unique residency program and year-round public programs. Dialogue and exchange happen through talks and other public programs, which take place at their Brooklyn location: a creative hub for our expanding community of artists, curators, partners, collaborators, and international visitors. They work together with our residents and partners to develop a residency experience that optimizes opportunities while meeting the goals, needs and visions of participating artists and curators. Residencies may focus on research and dialogue rather than on traditional production formats. In addition, to the local New York-based residencies, we offer national and international exchanges, and year-round public programs which cover a broad range of topics at the forefront of contemporary art practice and critical discourse.

Here my profile on RU’s website

My residence is possible thanks to the support of Ramdom


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transculturalexchangeI’ll be in Boston from 25 to 27, February , 2016, invited as Presenter to TransCultural Exchange’s 2016 International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts: Expanding Worlds.

I’ll present “Extreme Land” the project that I’m curating since 2014 in the heel of Italy, during the PECHA KUCHA SESSION 1 at the Metcalf Hall, Large Hall, on February 27.

Here the list of the speakers

Tom Butterfield, Founder and Creative Director, The Masters Museum of Bermuda Art
Simon Lewandowski, Editor and Producer, Wild Pansy Press, UK
Jean Butler, President, Arts are Essential, Inc., Senegal
Lee Lee, Director, Debris – a Global Project for Artists
Claudine Hubert, Co-Director and Artistic Director, OBORO
Snezana Petrovic, Director, Crafton Hills College Gallery/LA Art Scene, California
Paolo Mele, Founder and Director, Ramdom, Italy

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extreme_land_movieThe movie Extreme Land, by Rambom, is now streaming on Arthub Asia website

For the occasion of Arthub’s Screening curator Claudio Zecchi has interviewed Paolo Mele to discuss Ramdom’s ongoing research cum investigation about artistic production in challenging locals through the project Investigation on the Extreme Lands.

Claudio Zecchi (CZ): One of the most intriguing aspects of EXTREME LANDis the site-specific and performative dimension of all the works included. How do the artists react to your invitation to participate, furthermore how do they realize their site-specific works in such a peculiar and inspiring territory?

Paolo Mele (PM): Extreme places are really evocative; they offer a unique vantage point for viewing the rest of the world. I think this is very important for an artist: they love discovering new and different points of view. It’s a stimulating situation to be in and many artists like to work within this context so they can engage with local communities, while simultaneously exploring the landscape in this extreme place (in this instance the heel of Italy).

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I wrote this article for the magazine Bridge Puglia-Usa. The article is available in English and Italian.

Venice_LAWhile the city sucks you in, New York swallows you up. You always have the feeling that you haven’t seen enough, even after living here for years. The amount of things to do and see is at times embarrassing, and often frustrating. It’s hard to make a choice, unless you possess the gift of ubiquity (being the hometown of a lot of super-heroes, it would not be surprising), and it is often impossible to make a satisfying plan. Even when you decide not to take part in any of the events on the calendar, you’re overwhelmed by the flow of notifications, emails and messages.

When this feeling starts to be too mortifying, and you keep hearing “New York I love you but you’re bringing me down” by the LCD Soundsystem in your ears, you need a quick change of perspective and, maybe some time out. That’s what I decided to do last November. 

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