— Paolo Mele


Mnemoscope is a project by artist Emilio Vavarella, curated and produced by Ramdom with the support of MiBACT and SIAE, as part of the “Per Chi Crea – New Works” programme. The programme includes the creation and production of new works.
The work questions the topic of collective memory, creating a “cartography of memories”: this concept is linked to the idea of “home”, starting with those who left from Gagliano del Capo – the place where Ramdom actively operates – and then returning.

After having worked for years on the re-emergence of memories on the web (MNEMOGRAFO, commissioned by Villa Manin), on the cartographic potential of collective memories of Italians who emigrated to New York (MEMORYSCAPES, currently within the Fabbri Foundation collection), on the weight of their family memories (The Sicilian Family), and on the role that memory plays in the development of drones and artificial intelligence (MNEMODRONE), the artist proposes a new project linked to the mnemonic and cartographic stratification.

Mnemoscope is a site-specific work that consists of a cartographic device in which the physical reality of the place, where the work will be installed, is overlapped and merged with a virtual map composed of maps of all those places called “home”, over a lifetime, by the people the artist interviewed. The cartography that visually translates the layering of mnemonic traces will be made visible through a technological device of new conception: an apparatus of “mixed realty” for the stereoscopic vision and the 360° virtual exploration of a new cartographic space, produced by cartographically interweaving places, memories, and present and past dwellings.

More info: www.ramdom.net // https://mnemoscopio.ramdom.net/

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Ramdom will be in Athens, exhibiting at Platform Project 2018. We will be the only Italian project!

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Simona Di Meo, Roberto Memoli, Nuvola Ravera, Jacopo Rinaldi
Residency final exhibition

Within the project ‘Investigation on the Extreme Lands’ 


by Luca Coclite

Within the project ‘Et in terra pacis’,

Curated by Ramdom,

Gagliano del Capo (Lecce)

21st December2017 – 14th January2018


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So happy to announce that on November 15 I will be at the MADRE museum in Naples for the first official presentation of Out on your own, video animation by Valerio Berruti with an original soundtrack by the american songwriter Joan as Police Woman and curated by me.

The official presentation will take place at the MADRE museum at 6 pm, introduced by a talk with the the participation of: Valerio Berruti, artist and author of the work, Maria Savarese, curator of the exhibition of Valerio Berruti at Al Blu di Prussia gallery,  Paolo Mele, curator of the video animation, Andrea Viliani, director of MADRE.

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I’m curating a new residency projet promoted by Ramdom with the support of SIAE – Bando S’Illumina.

4 artists under 35 in residence for 6 months into the Extreme Land!

Keep posted on sinoallafinedelmare.ramdom.net

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I’m glad to announce this upcoming project.


April 30th 2017

Solo show by Carlos Casas, curated by Paolo Mele.

A project by Arthub Asia

The artist today is a researcher: he collects any kind of data (video, audio, text, objects, etc.) and, through his works; he offers a personal interpretation of the reality. The method used to collect and remediate those kinds of materials represents the architecture of the new artistic practice.

Fieldworks are the architecture of the work of Carlos Casas: a series of free, anti-narrative notes in which the artist takes the time to plunge his gaze into the meaning of the place, of the landscape, without drawing on the need for the definition of a complete story.

Renewed mostly as video artist and filmmaker, Carlos Casas’ world reveals us a deep an intimate analysis of the contemporary world, the physical and fictional border that divides or merges imaginary and perception.

He has been investigated the landscape and what there is beyond it since the beginning of his artistic research. Casas is obsessed by extreme locations, extreme lands and its extreme inhabitants, because he believe therein lies a truth, a geological scar that shows us how we lived and who we were, thus allowing us to understand who we are now.

This is an exhibition about nature, landscape, border and extreme and how the humans approach and deal with those. It includes video, photos, audio, and drawings from different places around the world: Patagonia (South America), Cape of Leuca (Europe), Nepal, Siberia and Tajikistan (Asia).

At the same time, the exhibition is not only about topics, but also about a methodology. Casas is mostly know as visual artist and filmmaker, but his practice is much more deep and analytic. He makes videos, audios, drawings, photos and he collects objects. He uses the fieldworks as instrument of cataloguing the known and the unknown and to represent an intimate vision of the world, a personal encyclopaedia.

The exhibition reflects this multidisciplinary attitude of the artist, who, like a modern researcher, plays with different kind of media and tools to study and offer a representation of the world.

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Hi all,

I’m glad to announce you that the call for the 4th edition of Default is now online!





RAMDOM ASSOCIATION is calling for research-based artists to take part in a 7-day group investigation aimed at ideas related to extreme lands and remote areas. Situated at the southern tip of east Italy on the Mediterranean, Gagliano del Capo poses as an ideal location for participants of the DEFAULT 17 Residency to contribute to an investigation of the extreme land. The project will investigate geographic dislocation as a socio-anthropological characteristic embedded in extreme territories. It confronts challenges, particularly relating to climate and environmental conditions, as a means to explore diverse interpretations of human and natural landscapes.

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Hey friends,

I’ve curated a new project. It’s a collaboration between the artist Valerio Berruti and the  American composer Joan as Police Woman.

The result is a wonderful animation made by more than 180 drawings by Valerio Berruti and a soundtrack composed by JAPW!

In the catalogue Paradise Lost you can find an anticipation of this work, with a text written by me and few drawings from the animation.

The animation will be soon presented around the world!

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I’m happy to announce that Ramdom will be in Turin from the 4th to the 6th of November 2016, to take part in Nesxt, a festival-exhibition on independent contemporary art.
Ramdom, based in Lastation, a space on the first floor of the latest train station in south-east side of Italy (Gagliano-Leuca), has been selected by a Scientific Committee through a national call, and it will be one of the

twenty spaces represented under the Mole. Ramdom will be the only association selected from Puglia, and one of the three in Southern Italy.

Nesxt is a parallel event of Artissima, one of the most important week on contemporary art in Italy, and in Europe, by now. It is a Festival dedicated to no-profit associations.

Ramdom will present the last chapter of Investigation of Extreme Land, a project that approach the territory from an artistic perspective.

In this last chapter the Extreme land has been investigated by Carlos Casas, Spanish visual artist, who studies and portrays the Cape of Leuca in his intimate nature. Casas explored the hidden cavities, he followed the light, that in the Finis Terrae, from the horizon, rises and sets counterpointing the switching rhythm of Santa Maria di Leuca’s lighthouse.

The result is a video trilogy (Faro, Vucca, Cava), which can break into the bowels of the earth, and can pick up the essence of the place.

The natural light is one of the elements that gives magic to many of the caves placed between clefts along eastern coast of Salento. One in particular, Vucca de lu puzzu (Well’s mouth), appeared to the artist in its magnificence and majesty. While exploring it, Casas fell down and suffered a cranial trauma, comprehending first-hand his works try create an intimate bond between those caves (Vucca is the result of a long, natural, process) stones, lights and the most remote places of the human soul.

Cava, finally, has been recorded among an abandoned cave made of a light stone. The cave is a magical show, hidden by a field of tall grass and clovers, and there is a small access opening in an hidden cavity, made by architectural cuts and excavation works, finished since the Eighties.

As Casas says: “Vucca, Cava and Faro make a trilogy, a trilogy of destinies, with the territory and its elements that interconnect them; it is a collection of field works, that ideally tie all my experiences in the territory of Capo di Leuca.

The exhibit design will be curated by the designer Jessica Gastaldo.


Q35 – Via Quittengo 35, Torino
Friday 4th November – Opening: 19.00 – 01.00
Saturady 5th November: 17.00 – 1.00
Sunday 6th November: 12.00 – 20.00

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I’ve been selected to be part of  Month2month, a public art project in private residences organized by artists William Powhida and Jennifer Dalton and produced by More Art.

During the first weekend of May I will be their guest.

MONTH2MONTH explores New York’s labyrinthine housing policies, that range from the inclusion of “affordable” housing units within new luxury developments and the rezoning plans that quickly transform neighborhoods to the quasi-legality of the “sharing economy” and the rise of “illegal hotels.” This exploration will at times take the form of information sharing, but also use unorthodox methods to push discussions into unfamiliar places.

I’ll try to give my contribution to the project. I’ll host a social dinner on Sunday 8th May. If you are interested, please contact me in private.

Here more info about the project:


Book your place for the housewarming!


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