— Paolo Mele


Artistic residencies currently represent one of the main instruments of investigation, research and artistic production. A constellation of entities that offers a picture of a lively artistic milieu, strongly rooted to its home territory. The activities carried out during artistic residencies, while rarely recognized and adequately supported by the local institutions, play an important role in the regeneration process of under-developed territories and in improving accessibility to the word of contemporary art.

This two-days event held in Matera offers a moment of introduction, dialogue, confrontation and analysis of models and manners of the management of artistic residencies in Basilicata, in Italy and in Europe. In such a fundamental year for culture, Matera and the whole South of Italy invite cultural professionals, artists, public and private institution to start a discussion the role and the cultural, social and artistic relevance of residencies.

The conference will feature: curators of artistic residencies from Matera 2019, from Italy and from abroad, private and public institutions and international networks.

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Simona Di Meo, Roberto Memoli, Nuvola Ravera, Jacopo Rinaldi
Residency final exhibition

Within the project ‘Investigation on the Extreme Lands’ 


by Luca Coclite

Within the project ‘Et in terra pacis’,

Curated by Ramdom,

Gagliano del Capo (Lecce)

21st December2017 – 14th January2018


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On November 11 I will be in Beno, where I’ve been invited as president of Ramdom and Lastation to talk about our experience in the field of residencies project.

Inhabiting Art.  International meeting Artistic residencies

Promoted by Cultural District Valle Camonica, AIR – artinresidence and FARE

curated by Alessandra Pioselli e Giorgio Azzoni

Coordinated by Beatrice Oleari and Barbara Oteri

11 November 2017, 10 am, BRENO (BS, Valle Camonica), Palazzo della Cultura

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I’ve been invited, from the staff of the festival “Conversazioni sul futuro,” to introduce Cromorama, the new book of Riccardo Falcinelli, one of the most renowned italian designer.

The talk will take place on Saturday Oct 28, 8.30 pm,  @Ergot, Lecce

In this book Falcinelli, with the help of 400 illustrations, explains how the modern gaze is changing, through the universe of images: not just painting, but also literature, cinema, comics and most of all things of the everyday life, all shown and connected in an original way by the author.

Riccardo Falcinelli (Roma 1973), graphic designer and design scholar, design books and series for the most important Italian publishers, as Einaudi, minimum fax, Laterza, Carocci. He wrote Guardare, pensare, progettare (2011) on the relation between neurosciences and design; Fare i libri (2011), ten years of book design for minimum fax. Together with Marta Poggi, we wrote and illustrated the graphic novel Cardiaferrania, L’allegra fattoria (minimum fax) and Grafogrifo (Einaudi). He teaches psychology of perception at ISIA, Rome.

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On Saturday 13 May, 5 pm, I will be in Rennes talking about Regeneration, Site Specific and the role of Art and Creativity in the new life of spaces and communities.

If you are in Rennes, please join us at L’Hotel Pasteur!

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Thursday April 20th, I’ll close the work of the conference “Last cultures” promoted by Associazione Sherazade in collaboration with the University of Salento.

The 2 days conference will take place in Santa Maria di Leuca and it will ends at Lastation.

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I’ve been invited to present Lastation and the Investigation on the Extreme Land at the BTM Puglia.

My speech will be on Saturday 18th February, 12:30 pm, Castello Carlo V, Lecce.

More info about the event here http://www.btmpuglia.it/programma/

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On November 30th I will be in Florence for the yearly edition of BTO, Buy Tourism Online the main event in Italy that focuses on the links between tourism and innovation.

I’ve been invited by Gigi Tagliapietra to speak about Lastation and the Investigation on the Extreme Land.

The name of the panel is “When the guest is a protagonist”. More info here

Hope to see you there!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016
6:30pm (open and free to the public)
Residency Unlimited
360 Court Street (enter through the big green doors)
Brooklyn, NY 1123

The evening begins with a screening of “Extreme Land,” produced by Ramdom and edited by Luca Coclite. RU curator in residence Paolo Mele (director of Ramdom) and Brett Swenson (artist) engage on the topic of contemporary art production outside large capitalistic cities. How are artistic projects sustainable in remote areas? What is the role of local communities in the artistic process? How are projects of this nature considered from the perspective of cultural production poles? What can be learned from these experiences?
This discussion investigates the concept of site-specific art and the fragile relation between art production and urban spaces. The point of departure is Mele’s artistic and research project “Investigation on the extreme land,” led by Ramdom in the outermost limits of location specificityonFinis Terrae of Italy. This project focuses on life, culture and social relations in the extreme lands, where geographical dislocation is deeply embedded in the socio-anthropological fabric of its inhabitants. Sea, cost, cliff, shore are here investigated from different perspectives: the journey, the drift, the landing, the isolation, the end.

Brett Swenson is a Brooklyn-based multimedia artist who’s work explores the mutability of perception and the unseen, hyper-realities embedded within material time and space. Through sculptural processes and choreographed action, improbable phenomena juxtapose human constructs within the natural.
Brett was born in Chicago, IL. He received his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2010. He has been awarded fellowships and residencies from the Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center of New Jersey, Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation in New York, and Ramdom Association’s “DEFAULT” workshop series stationed in Gagliano Del Capo, Italy. In 2016 he was awarded a year long studio grant from Urban Glass and will be in residence this fall at Residency Unlimited on a grant awarded by the NEA Art Works. He has exhibited internationally, most recently with  the group show “Perched in the Eye of a Tornado” at Ying Space in Beijing.

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Carlos Casas, Phil Niblock and Robert Poss
Video screening and live sound

Curated by Paolo Mele


Avalanche is an immersive site specific film installation, the installation allows visitors’ movement through the space and pro­vides them with the intimacy for a contemplative vision.

Avalanche transports the public to Hichigh, one of the world’s highest inhabited villages, located in the Pamir mountain range (Tajikistan), known as the roof of the world, and one of the world`s most unknown and unexplored regions; the Pamirs are as mysterious as fascinating, home of some of the most archaic and well kept millenary traditions. The film follows the dusk of a village bound to disappear, just before it becomes a ghost village, just before its stones and mud houses are swept by the mountain again.
Avalanche is an audiovisual meditation about a village and its traditions on its journey to oblivion. Avalanche is also about the archaic, the enduring spiritual relation between landscape and man, and the overlaying of traditions and rituals within the periphery of our modern world.

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