— Paolo Mele


Mnemoscope is a project by artist Emilio Vavarella, curated and produced by Ramdom with the support of MiBACT and SIAE, as part of the “Per Chi Crea – New Works” programme. The programme includes the creation and production of new works.
The work questions the topic of collective memory, creating a “cartography of memories”: this concept is linked to the idea of “home”, starting with those who left from Gagliano del Capo – the place where Ramdom actively operates – and then returning.

After having worked for years on the re-emergence of memories on the web (MNEMOGRAFO, commissioned by Villa Manin), on the cartographic potential of collective memories of Italians who emigrated to New York (MEMORYSCAPES, currently within the Fabbri Foundation collection), on the weight of their family memories (The Sicilian Family), and on the role that memory plays in the development of drones and artificial intelligence (MNEMODRONE), the artist proposes a new project linked to the mnemonic and cartographic stratification.

Mnemoscope is a site-specific work that consists of a cartographic device in which the physical reality of the place, where the work will be installed, is overlapped and merged with a virtual map composed of maps of all those places called “home”, over a lifetime, by the people the artist interviewed. The cartography that visually translates the layering of mnemonic traces will be made visible through a technological device of new conception: an apparatus of “mixed realty” for the stereoscopic vision and the 360° virtual exploration of a new cartographic space, produced by cartographically interweaving places, memories, and present and past dwellings.

More info: www.ramdom.net // https://mnemoscopio.ramdom.net/

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Ramdom will be in Athens, exhibiting at Platform Project 2018. We will be the only Italian project!

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I’m curating a new residency projet promoted by Ramdom with the support of SIAE – Bando S’Illumina.

4 artists under 35 in residence for 6 months into the Extreme Land!

Keep posted on sinoallafinedelmare.ramdom.net

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Hi all,

I’m glad to announce you that the call for the 4th edition of Default is now online!





RAMDOM ASSOCIATION is calling for research-based artists to take part in a 7-day group investigation aimed at ideas related to extreme lands and remote areas. Situated at the southern tip of east Italy on the Mediterranean, Gagliano del Capo poses as an ideal location for participants of the DEFAULT 17 Residency to contribute to an investigation of the extreme land. The project will investigate geographic dislocation as a socio-anthropological characteristic embedded in extreme territories. It confronts challenges, particularly relating to climate and environmental conditions, as a means to explore diverse interpretations of human and natural landscapes.

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