Avalanche at Microscope Gallery NY

Carlos Casas, Phil Niblock and Robert Poss
Video screening and live sound

Curated by Paolo Mele


Avalanche is an immersive site specific film installation, the installation allows visitors’ movement through the space and pro­vides them with the intimacy for a contemplative vision.

Avalanche transports the public to Hichigh, one of the world’s highest inhabited villages, located in the Pamir mountain range (Tajikistan), known as the roof of the world, and one of the world`s most unknown and unexplored regions; the Pamirs are as mysterious as fascinating, home of some of the most archaic and well kept millenary traditions. The film follows the dusk of a village bound to disappear, just before it becomes a ghost village, just before its stones and mud houses are swept by the mountain again.
Avalanche is an audiovisual meditation about a village and its traditions on its journey to oblivion. Avalanche is also about the archaic, the enduring spiritual relation between landscape and man, and the overlaying of traditions and rituals within the periphery of our modern world.