MAT-AIR 2019

Artistic residencies currently represent one of the main instruments of investigation, research and artistic production. A constellation of entities that offers a picture of a lively artistic milieu, strongly rooted to its home territory. The activities carried out during artistic residencies, while rarely recognized and adequately supported by the local institutions, play an important role in the regeneration process of under-developed territories and in improving accessibility to the word of contemporary art.

This two-days event held in Matera offers a moment of introduction, dialogue, confrontation and analysis of models and manners of the management of artistic residencies in Basilicata, in Italy and in Europe. In such a fundamental year for culture, Matera and the whole South of Italy invite cultural professionals, artists, public and private institution to start a discussion the role and the cultural, social and artistic relevance of residencies.

The conference will feature: curators of artistic residencies from Matera 2019, from Italy and from abroad, private and public institutions and international networks.


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